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Thank you for your interest in solar and Smart Solar Solutions. We love our Reps and are dedicated to helping you succeed.  Here's how it works:



Opening Commission


We'll pay $250 as an opening if you bring us two things:













You get the opening commission regardless of whether the customer does a solar project with us or not.  



Closing Commission


When registered to you decides to do business with us, you get points on the gross contract amount:


    • 2.0% for your first 250 kW of solar


    • 2.5% for 250 to 1000 kW


    • 3.0% for everything beyond 1000 kW

 A meeting with the chief.  By "chief" we mean a leader within the customer company who has the authority to sign a contract on the company's behalf. For example, the company's owner, it's CEO or CFO. Basically, somebody who is responsible for the company's after-tax profits.

 Twelve (12) months of utility usage and billing data. Basically, this means 12 months of power bills.




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