Dollars and sense

The fundamentals:  what does solar solve?


No matter what, you're going to use electricity. With solar, it's just less costly (or else don't do it).  If you have non-financial reasons to go solar, like branding or policy compliance, we can help with that, too.





Here's the general pattern of what utility spend looks like over time. Each year adds to the previous years, accruing over time.  Solar panels are covered under warranty for 25 years, so the comparison period for utility bills spans the very long term:



Dollars and sense

Business as Usual

Cumulative Utility Expense

  • Never generates an ROI
  • Rates increase faster than inflation
  • Non-negotiable

If solar energy costs less than utility energy, then it might make sense for your operation.  If not, wait until it does.


Will solar make sense for you?  The only way to know is to run the numbers and weigh the facts.  When we're done, you'll know whether solar is a fit, and why or why not.  



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